Friday, September 12, 2014

"That's the kind of student I am."

Dear Teachers everywhere,

Please read the following excerpt from a student essay.

The type of student I am? Well I would say I love to ask questions.  I question some of the weirdest things, like why is a chair called a chair? Or, why do we have bones, weird things like that. 
I love to learn so many new things.  I remember things fast. We think I might have a photographic memory.   
I pick up dance steps really fast and when I see words I can close my eyes and picture the exact same thing with every little detail.  That's the kind of student I am. 
I love to read books with lots of facts.  I just think that some of the facts are really amazing, like the facts in Ripley's Believe It or Not books and National Geographic magazines.  I just love to learn. 
I love to write scary stories because you have to add so much detail.  I can really get into it when writing.  I really like to add deep details in my stories to help the reader better visualize.  Writing is one of my favorite subjects. 
My strengths in school are probably every subject because I love school and I love to learn.

This was written by a brand new 6th grader during the first week of school.

Read it "closely."
Savor it.
Think about it.
Reflect on it.

Imagine the student standing or sitting in front of you.  Are you ready?

Have you written your personal learning objectives? PLOs

Have you written your student learning objectives? SLOs

Are your data walls ready?

Have you made sure there is fidelity between your lesson plans and the common core standards?

What about coherence?  Seriously. have you thought about coherence?

Oh and don't forget about alignment and rigor!

And, have you planned instruction based on data?

Great! You are well on your way to being an effective educator.

But what about being an inspired teacher?

Are you ready to engage in relationships with children who want to ask questions about why we have bones and "weird things like that?"

What are you going to do with students with "a photographic memory?"

Can you "dance?"

How many copies of Ripley's Believe it or Not do you own?

Do "details help you visualize?"

Do you "love school" and "love to learn?"

Inspired Teacher or Effective Educator? Time to choose!

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