Tuesday, April 17, 2012

No Free Play for the Poor

According to a new study, "structured" recess helps low-income kids "transition" back to learning environments and reduces bullying,  See here.

So now we have evidence that poor kids need  surveillance when on the playground and can't be trusted to control themselves.  I wonder if using the descriptor "low income" correlates with minority students?

And if it does, is this study really saying that minority students need even more monitoring.  So what about middle-class white kids?  I guess we have to assume that "free play" is still acceptable.

"Playworks is used in 23 cities at more than 300 schools serving low-income students."

Monday, April 16, 2012

No Social Studies for You!

After reading this article I decided to send a note to the "journalist" responsible for the above article.  

Please follow this article up by talking to some National Council of Social Studies people (I am one).  This is the most ridiculous proposal.  Spending more time on Math instruction will have no affect on students'  learning.  It may temporarily raise test scores but this rise is not an indication of deep learning.  However, these students will never get the time back to study social studies.  This is educational malpractice.  Denying students a rich curriculum in favor of tests scores should cost the superintendent his job.  There is so much more to this story.  Please call me.


Here is his response.

"Thank you for reading and writing, Dr. Slekar. The article already includes a lot of commenst from 3 outside edu experts who pan this idea. I do not plan a follow up. If you would like to write a commentary on this issue, I invite you to contact our letters editor Bob Orenstein @ robert.orenstein@mcall.com."

So, in other words, "since we had three 'experts' offer limited resistance to this policy change the The Morning Call and I did our job.  We have no need to actually dig deeply into such a drastic and shortsighted policy change.  Our job is done!"

No. Your job is not even close to done.  You just exposed the misuse of taxpayer monies by a school superintendent and a school board.  Your readers need to know more now.  This is a violation of the public trust.  Any superintendent of schools (C. Russell Mayo) and board of directors that would allow for the removal of the social studies needs to be investigated further.  Social Studies is the only subject devoted to understanding how living in a democracy requires a deep knowledge of history geography, civics, etc.  Without a deep knowledge in these subjects students will have no ability to carry out their civic duty to protect democracy.  In fact not studying these topics will erode a student's ability to criticize their government.  Oh wait.  Maybe that's what is really going on here?  Allentown schools are actively dumbing down the public school children and thereby creating a more apathetic citizenry willing to allow pseudo-experts to make horrendous policy decisions that will favor only those that are in power.

This is the story! And as the media you owe the public a full exposure of the misuse of taxpayer monies and the plan to deny the public school students of Allentown the study of active citizenship—the social studies.

Move Along! Nothing to See here!

I am close to the edge! And from here the picture is perfectly clear.

The American public system of education is being systematically, and purposely destroyed. This is not a statement from someone who routinely sees crop circles. I am a teacher and I see it clearly--just like Diane Ravitch, Linda Darling Hammond, Nancy Flanagan, Valerie Strauss, Anthony Cody, Stephen Krashen, Susan Ohanian, Mike Klonsky, Jesse Turner, Mark Naison, Alfie Kohn, Marion Brady, Parents Across America, United Opt Out National, Save Our Schools, Children are More than Test Scores, Fair Test and a host of other individuals and groups.

However, I feel like we are in the middle of a crime scene surrounded by yellow tape and the "liberal media" is standing on the outside with a bull horn announcing, "Move along!" "Nothing to see here!" 


This is the biggest story in the last 100 years (the death of public education) and the only media attention it gets is typically dismissive of the voices screaming for help. Or it receives media attention that continues to push the corporate reform narrative. For example, big mouth Chris Christie got his arrogant butt on MSNBC (Morning Joe) last week by "straight talking" about the need for education reform and how he will not back down even if it costs him his office. And what did he say? Of course he is "fighting for the kids of New Jersey." Really? Do the kids of New Jersey have a clue what will happen to them when Christie is done pushing his corporate reform agenda?

Every policy that he supports has been thoroughly dismissed by research. Choice does not work. Charters don't help. Competition creates harsh learning climates. Pay for performance doesn't work. Teach for America does nothing. Using test scores to promote or fire teachers is a deeply flawed statistical procedure. Destroying the working conditions of teachers actually creates environments that hinder learning. In other words, Chris Christie's support for the kids of New Jersey will actually harm them and he is perfectly willing to risk his office on this platform. How is this possible? 

Because, after he made the comment, MSNBC did not dissect any of his positions on education policy. Instead, MSNBC used the clip to demonstrate that as a "straight talker," Christie is popular because he is willing to take a stand and, get this, more people would "like to have beer with him." Again WTF?

Is this all the "liberal media" is capable of doing? This guy and a bunch of others (Arne Duncan, Andrew Cuomo, Rahm Emanuel, Rick Scott, Scott Walker, Tom Corbett, Michelle Rhee and the rest of the clown car called corporate education reform) are actually advocating for the privatization of the American public school system. A system that is supposed to deliver a free and equitable education to all children regardless of background, socioeconomic status, or zip code. A system dedicated to promoting democracy and citizen participation in the government by educating the masses. Christie and all the other idiots are selling out America's public schools and all the "liberal media" can do is comment on how many people would like to have a beer with him?

Mainstream "liberal media" (Shultz, Maddow, O'Donnell, etc.) why are you letting this happen? The corporate reform agenda does not have a single, semi-solid leg to stand on when it claims to be able to help America's most vulnerable (children). The evidence is right in front of your eyes. How about changing your tune? As people walk past the yellow ribbon around the crime scene that is us, the screaming "status quo" advocates for public schools and the children that attend them. Use your bullhorn and try this... 

DO NOT MOVE ALONG! THERE IS SOMETHING TO SEE HERE! These people are trying to save the American system of public education. You might want to listen to what they have to say. 

And if you do this I'll gladly have a beer with you.