Monday, October 13, 2014

Colorado Board of Education memo to Teachers: Embrace Indigenous Peoples’ Day #nothistory

Colorado Teachers,

Today marks the official recognition of Christopher Columbus and his lasting gift to American culture.  In the past we have presented school children the story of the courageous Italian explorer who discovered America in 1492 when he sailed the ocean blue for the king and queen of Spain.

Typically the American public school curriculum presented Columbus as the hero who proved the world was round and discovered a land full of “people” in need of Western culture.  After the land full of “people” finally accepted the superiority of Western culture, Columbus was glorified in America and this led to OUR national Holiday. A day when every American child in the country celebrated the courageous white man from Europe (Columbus) who proved the world was round, discovered America, and gifted Western culture to the “people.”

However, due to America hating revisionist historians, OUR founder and cultural provider has been denigrated to the point that some educators are calling for providing “balance,” “sensitivity,” and “perspective” when teaching about our purveyor of Western culture.  Some of these America hating types have even suggested that the young children in elementary grades be presented with this revisionist nonsense.  They want OUR hero presented as an “invader,” “exploiter,” and even a “genocider.” 

Some of the America hating revisionists have even called for an end to OUR national holiday.  Instead of Columbus Day, they (America hating revisionists) want to forcibly install something called Indigenous Peoples’ Day. 

At first WE (America loving preservationists) were dismayed and planned to protest this America hating attempt to dismantle OUR holiday and order that all children in Colorado be taught the truth.  However, after careful thought, we have decided to demand that all teachers in Colorado fully embrace Indigenous Peoples’ Day.  After all, this is simply just a day to celebrate real Americans—those of us that were born in America that embrace the gift of Western Culture. 

Remind students that on that October day in 1492 (after sailing the ocean blue) Christopher Columbus established the permanent residency of all courageous Europeans. Extol the children about today’s descendants—America loving preservationists.  Celebrate US —the true Indigenous People of America.


Colorado Board of Education

(America loving preservationists)

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