Monday, March 26, 2012

Petrilli (a reformer): Democratic Education may not be for the Poor.

Now I'm sure Mr. Petrilli would like to argue that this is not what he means.  So first, here's what he said.

Of course he follows this up by making a comment that he doesn't want poor students to have a boring education.  However, does that take away from the above comment that, as a reformer, he appears to state that "Democratic decision-making, self-directed studies, internal motivation, and the like"will not benefit poor children?

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  1. That is a piece of racist diatribe if I ever read it. I am shocked that Petrilli would uphold separate and unequal! Black and brown children do not deserve a democratic voice??? In other words, all they deserve is to be kept with a child-like mentality so they can be controlled and manipulated like 19th c slaves. White people have never had the answer on how to educate people of color, and quite frankly, they never will!