Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pennsylvania Public Schools Making Connections

According to the official statements from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, reading and math are not the only important subjects.  From the state...
Remember to make connections!
Success in school involves more than just reading and mathematics.  Children can master these other skills by engaging in activities outside the classroom.  Practicing music, for example, can build skills that will be valuable throughout school and life.  Remember that taking trips to a museum, a show or a concert is a positive way to strengthen your child's overall education
What the the Pennsylvania Department of Education is really saying!
However, as a state PA will only provide for reading and math instruction. All the other stuff that actually matters needs to occur "outside the classroom."  We just can't afford to help all children in Pennsylvania.  If you care about your kids, you the parents or guardians will need to take over from now on.  Music, art science history and all that other stuff is now your responsibility.

What about the children that don't have the resources available to them to "make connections?"

Not a problem. There is not enough room at the top for all of Pennsylvania's children. Besides, who will work at discount department stores if all children receive a rich and powerful education that "makes connections?" 
Like making the connection that children in lower SES ranks don't really have a chance in PA!

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