Thursday, October 13, 2011

Corbett, Rhee and Astroturf


The reforms aim to foster competition among schools and motivate improved student performance.

"We can't guarantee their success, but we owe all students a fighting chance," Corbett said in a statement Tuesday. "We're talking about our children and we owe it to them to reform the system."

Can someone please tell Governor Corbett that vouchers will "guarantee" mass failure and potentially collapse our public education system? He is right that we need to "reform" the system. However, why not use reforms that are supported by research instead of the corporate reforms that have been demonstrated repeatedly to fail children, parents, teachers and communities?

"The bipartisan support this proposal has received speaks to the need for the kind of transparent, rigorous and fair accountability system this would create in Pennsylvania," Rhee said in the statement. "Similarly, our grassroots members support the measure in that it expands educational opportunities for all children regardless of family income by allowing great charter schools to thrive and expand."
Also, can someone tell Michelle Rhee that StudentsFirst is an astroturf organization?

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