Monday, June 6, 2011

Pennsylvania Cutting Education and Spending More on Market Reforms

"Gov. Tom Corbett's administration is working to develop two important elements of his public education agenda - a new A-to-F grading system for public schools and merit pay for teachers, officials said."

Really? Is this the same Corbett that just proposed cutting over $500 million to public education and is reducing the State's contribution to State supported institutions of higher education?

The question I wish somebody would ask-Mr. Corbett how do you plan on paying for the grading system and merit pay? Or maybe better-Mr. Corbett did you know that "your" plan for education is the exact same plan being pushed through in Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin? So is it really "your" plan?

Regardless of the answer to these questions is the reality that these programs will not change public education for the better. 20 plus years of research have demonstrated that merit pay doesn't work and actually cost taxpayers more money in the end. And a grading system will have no effect on the outcomes in local schools. Research has demonstrated that the majority of the public actually approves of their local schools. Grading systems tend to be imposed by "outsiders" and when used as a stick can lower the property values of local communities.

Mr. Corbett, take "your" plan for education and ask for a refund. You've either been conned or you haven't actually taken the time to do any research into "your" proposed programs.

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